a two-week of distance teaching will be implemented from 5/9

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,


Responding to the increased number of confirmed cases in our school, the current cumulative number of confirmed cases has not yet reached the amount of complete suspension of classes that was announced by the Ministry of Education. To make sure the implementation of remote teaching in each department, and the immediate response to the epidemic in the future, at the same time, correspond to the teaching methods of NTU System courses, therefore, a two-week of distance teaching will be implemented from 5/9 (Monday), and the relevant instructions are below:


  1. From May 9 (Mon), all courses in our school will implement a two-week distance teaching. If physical-taught courses are required under special needs, please apply to the Academic Affairs Office (application form will be attached below). Please be sure to announce it on the teaching platform or relevant channels. If an extension of distance teaching is needed, you could register an extension of distance teaching.


  1. If an experiment or practical course must be performed physically, please take safety distance into consideration during the course. Teachers and students are required to wear masks when in the laboratory, though it is still recommend for courses to be conducted in a distance teaching mode, for example, provide appropriate teaching resources or video recording of experiments, which can be conducted with online discussions or other alternatives.


  1. The final exam is based on online regulation. Though for physical exam, other flexible arrangement should be provided for students who are unable to attend the exam physically, such as, providing online exams or submitting reports and other alternative methods. [Provide an example of online test planning for reference]


  1. In order to maintain the quality of teaching and learning, please pay attention to student’s learning performance, give guidance when needed, and properly handle the performance evaluation to avoid controversy in the future.


  1. From May 9 (Mon) to May 22 (Sun), all classrooms will be closed and unavailable for borrowing. Classrooms will be reserve for admission examinations.


Stay protected and cautious of your health during this epidemic. Thank you again for your cooperation!


Academic Affairs Office


★ Any Course inquiry, please contact the Curriculum Development Section (ext. 6116-6118 or 6247)

★ Inquiry about the distance teaching technically, please contact the online consultation Digital TA of Teaching Development Center.