Updated Information: New- Semester Epidemic Prevention Measures

1.    Teaching Mode:

  • Online teaching mode will be implemented from September 22. to October 5.
  • From October 6, depending on the number of students in a course, flexible teaching mode (physical course or online course) will be implemented.
  • Office of academic affairs will announce the information about Course selections.

2.    New-admitted International students affairs:

  • According to regulations of the Epidemic Command Center and the Ministry of Education, New-admitted International students need to complete 14-day quarantine and 7-day health self-management with covid-19 rapid test once and PCR twice. They could enter the campus after the negative report is confirmed. According to the process planning, the arrival date of New-admitted International students is between October 29.- November 20.
  • Online registration will be arranged by Office of Academic Affairs.

3.    Campus Cafeteria: It will be open and please follow the epidemic prevention measures. 

4.    Entry and Exit: From October 1., 1st Students Dormitory Hallway will be available.

5.    PE courses: The athlete department will arrange and announce the instructions.

6.    Vaccination Leave: If you have an adverse reaction after vaccination, you could apply for vaccination leave (including the day of vaccination, 3 days at most) 

         The required documents as follow :

7.    Epidemic Prevention Measures will be adjusted in accordance with CECC, MOE or Taipei City Government.