[Oct. 5] Updated Information: New Epidemic Prevention Measures of Epidemic Alert Level 2

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on October 4 that it will maintain the Level 2 epidemic alert from October 5 to October 18. According to the guideline from the Ministry of Education on October 4, the updated policies are listed below.

1. Teaching Mode

        (1) All courses will be conducted by physically, online or divided into smaller groups to have courses in turn before October 12. The rest of classrooms will be released and provided for students online learning.

        (2) From October 12, courses can be conducted physically if the number of people per room is under 80. Courses over 80 people are allowed to be taught off-line mode if people maintain the indoor social distancing 1.5 meters.

        (3) All people entering classrooms should scan the real-contact QR code.

        (4) Professors should offer online courses for overseas students.

        (5) Professors should announce the course syllabus/ criteria/ arrangement on Moodle or related platform.

        (6) All people should wear masks and sanitize hands during classes. Food is prohibited.

2. Sports Venue

        The swimming pool and outdoor sports venue is available during opening hours.

3. Cafeteria on Campus

        Checkerboard seating policy will be implemented.