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COVID-19 cases at Academia Sinica: Measures for Taiwan Tech staff and students

In response to the four COVID-9 cases confirmed at Academia Sinica, Nangang District, Taipei on 22 March 2020, Taiwan Tech adopts the following preventive measures:
  1. If you have been to the Academia Sinica (AS) building where the confirmed cases are working within the past two weeks (i.e. March 8 to March 22), you have to isolate at home and conduct health self-monitoring for two weeks starting from the date of your last visit to AS. You must not enter Taiwan Tech campus during that time.
  2. If you had any contact with the above mentioned group (e.g. in laboratories), you may come to campus for work and classes, but you are asked to take prophylactic measures, such as wearing a surgical face mask all the time. If instructors have concerns that these prevention measures may not be sufficient, stricter measures can be adopted in accordance with Taiwan Tech’s current regulations.
  3. Staff and students, who belong to the group described under (2), may apply to Taiwan Tech for surgical face masks if needed.
  4. If there is any situation of potential risk, please report immediately to Taiwan Tech General Secretary Mr. Huang Qing-dong so that further emergency measures can be rolled out.
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