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Taiwan Tech Epidemic Prevention Measures: 9 March 2021

  1. With immediate effect, international students will have to complete the "Leave Application Form during Epidemic Prevention Period" and obtain special permission if they wish to leave Taiwan, thus following the same rules as Taiwan Tech faculty members.  
  2. According to government regulations, any person with a history of travel to high-risk countries (including transit) needs to be tested immediately after arrival and is required to stay in a centralized quarantine facility. The health self-management period is extended from the original 7 days to 14 days (i.e. quarantine period + health self-management will take 28 days). After the health self-management period, another negative PCR has to be submitted for obtaining permission to enter Taiwan Tech campus.
  3. The definition of "high-risk" is based on the CDC announcement https://www.cdc.gov.tw/.Ccurrently Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa, and the Kingdom of Swatini are considered as high-risk countries. 
  4. If traveling to a high-risk country was work-related and had been approved by Taiwan Tech, you may apply for subsidies for the expenses incurred for testing and accommodation during quarantine/health self-management, in accordance with NTUST epidemic prevention regulations.
  5. Airport pick-ups: It should be avoided to relying on a single administrative unit to arrange the airport pick-up for arriving students, as this might negatively affect normal operations of this unit. The Office of General Affairs is requested to arrange manpower to assist with the airport pick-ups. 
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