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Epidemic Prevention: New measures on entrance and exit control, regulations for laboratories

I . Due to the severe COVID-19 outbreak, access control to the campus is tightened: 
1. Access will be restricted to the IB building car park and the TR building motorcycle park only
2. The TR building car park and the Student Residence 1 car park will be closed (as of today, it is only possible to exit; entering is no longer allowed)

II . As of tomorrow (21 May 2021), all Taiwan Tech laboratories should not be entered as far as possible.  
Professors and laboratory supervisors have to observe the epidemic prevention regulations. If you need alcohol, please contact the Environmental Safety Office to arrange for pick-up.

III. With epidemic alert Level 3 enforced in Taipei City and New Taipei City, the Taiwan Tech library is closed. The library is only available for book returns and online book reservations, and is not open to visitors. Please refer to the library's website for more information on borrowing and returning books.

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