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New Taiwan Tech online platform for reporting risk of infection


From now on, if you are at risk of infection, you will be asked to proactively report your situation on the new Taiwan Tech online platform. https://health-care.ntust.edu.tw/Notification/ for follow-up Individuals at “Risk of infection” include: Any person who is diagnosed with Covid19, who has to undergo home isolation or home quarantine or independent health monitoring, or is ordered to take a Covid-19 test or is waiting for the test result. 

The new platform was created to facilitate reporting which was done by phone or email before. Please use this platform in the future to help us collect information though a unified system. Thank you for your assistance.

If you have any problems with the reporting system, please contact Taiwan Tech staff:  

Available Time

Contact Persons

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24 Hours

English Hotline/ Security





Please avoid going out unless necessary. Stay home stay safe!

The Taiwan Tech Epidemic Prevention Team cares for you! 

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