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The Guideline for The Physical Class Suspension

According to the MOE policy, Taiwan Tech will implement the following measures for the pandemic prevention. 

If there is confirmed case in the class on the campus, the physical class should be suspended for 1-3 days until the result of contact-tracing comes out. 

A. The Class: 

  • If there are close contacts* in the class, the physical class should be suspended until the result of contact-tracing comes out.
  • If not, remain the physical class. 

B. The Physical Contacts:

  • If you have phsical conatct with the confirmed case, please cooperate with contact-tracing by the health bureau and implement the self-monitoring* .
  • If you are confirmed as close contact*, please implement the home quarantine and do the PCR-test by the health bureau instructions. 

C. The Campus:

  • If over 1/3 of the classes/departments/ colleges suspend the physcial courses, the entire campus should suspend all physical classes for 10 days.
  • All of the students and faculties on the campus should implement the self-monitoring.


PS. The definition of Close Contact: 

  • From the date of onset of the symptoms to before quarantine, without appropriate protection, you have been in long-term (more than 15 minutes) face-to-face contact or any form of physical contacts with confirmed cases.
  • After investigation by the health bureau, you are determined to be in close contact with confirmed cases. 
  • You will be classified as close contacts and be quarantined at home for 10 days after the last contact date of the confirmed case (If March 1 is the last contact date, the home quarantine should be carried out until March 11, and it can be lifted from 0:00 on March 12)

      The definition of self-monitoring:

  • Please avoid going the public crowded places. If you must go out, you should always wear a medical mask.
  • If you do not have any symptoms at all, you can still live normally, go to work, go to school, and go out by public transportation, but you must always wear a mask. When the mask is stained with nasal secretions, you should discard the stained one into the trash can and wear the new one immediately.
  • Keep your hands clean frequently.
  • If you have fever ( 38˚C) or any respiratory symptoms, please wear a medical mask immediately, call 1922 or contact the Health Bureau, and follow the instructions for medical treatment at a medical institution designated by the Health Bureau, and Avoid public transportation.
  • When seeking medical treatment, you should inform the doctor that you are subjected to "self-health monitoring" and your contact history.


Please follow up with the updated information of pandemic prevention measure. Taiwan Tech will keep updated.  

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