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If you have a fever or experience symptoms of a cold, or if you think you might be ill, please phone 0937-427-084 (English hot line) and log in to the system https://health-care.ntust.edu.tw/AutonomousReturn/  for instructions on what to do next . 

NTUST Epidemic Prevention Response Team: Contact List

Each administrative unit of Taiwan Tech has established its Epidemic Prevention Contact Window:

  1. Office of International Affairs: Donia Wang 王香涵, Program Coordinator, ext. 3703; Po-Ju Chen 陳柏儒 , Program Coordinator, ext. 6933
  2. General Affairs Office: Hsiung Ke-Chi 熊格致, Expert, ext. 6158; Cafeteria Management:  Chang Chen-Ju 張真如,Technician, ext. 1198, Classroom Cleaning: Lin Yen-Jun 林妍君, Administrative Officer, ext. 1129, Wu Hsi-huang 吳熙煌 Administrative Officer, ext. 6271; Conference rooms: Wang Yu-Fang 王郁芳, Administrative Officer, ext. 6156
  3. Student Affairs Office Epidemic Prevention Group, Hsu Li-hsiang 徐麗香, Secretary, ext. 6133
  4. Personnel Office: Yuen Ruei-hong 袁瑞鴻, Secretary,  ext. 6226
  5. Academic Affairs Office: Yen Ju-Hsin 顏如欣, Secretary, ext. 6109