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International students who wish to travel home, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Universities are required to track the travel histories of their students and staff. Thus, if you would need to leave Taiwan, please fill in a Leave Application Form, so that OIA staff can help you with arrangements when you return to Taiwan. 
  2. Your ARC has to be valid over the whole travel period. It would become very complicated to return to Taiwan if your ARC expired during your stay abroad. 
  3. You will need to undergo 3 days of quarantine and 4 days of self-initiated epidemic prevention period in the same hotel. It is prohibited to enter the campus during this period.
  4. There are no Taiwan Tech Subsidies to apply for.  
  5. Please note that the regulations for entering Taiwan are subject to change. So, it will be in your own interest to submit the Leave Application Form to the OIA. The OIA staff can only help when we know about your travel plans and itinerary. 

NTUST Epidemic Prevention Response Team: Contact List

Each administrative unit of Taiwan Tech has established its Epidemic Prevention Contact Window:

  1. Office of International Affairs: Donia Wang 王香涵, Program Coordinator, ext. 3703; Po-Ju Chen 陳柏儒 , Program Coordinator, ext. 6933
  2. General Affairs Office: Hsiung Ke-Chi 熊格致, Expert, ext. 6158; Cafeteria Management:  Chang Chen-Ju 張真如,Technician, ext. 1198, Classroom Cleaning: Lin Yen-Jun 林妍君, Administrative Officer, ext. 1129, Wu Hsi-huang 吳熙煌 Administrative Officer, ext. 6271; Conference rooms: Wang Yu-Fang 王郁芳, Administrative Officer, ext. 6156
  3. Student Affairs Office Epidemic Prevention Group, Hsu Li-hsiang 徐麗香, Secretary, ext. 6133
  4. Personnel Office: Yuen Ruei-hong 袁瑞鴻, Secretary,  ext. 6226
  5. Academic Affairs Office: Yen Ju-Hsin 顏如欣, Secretary, ext. 6109