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Measures regarding student dormitory


  1. The person who is suspected do of having contracted the corona virus should wear a mask and notify the Health Center(ext. 6137. During non-working hours: Call the school security hot line(0800-695995)
  2. The Health Center will take the patient to S101 quarantine area on the first floor of the dormitory and provide a N95 mask while waiting for medical treatment. The Health Center will notify the school security center and the health authority.
    • Ambulance: Dial 1922 to arrange ambulance escort to the designated hospital.
      • Designated hospitals: Taipei City Wanfang Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan Medical University Hospital
      • Escorting staff: Staff of NTUST Health Centre during office hours; NTUST campus security staff after working hours.
    • Quarantine measures for those who have been in contact with the suspected case or who have a history of travel in the affected area: Upon confirmation by a medical facility, a "residential quarantine notice" will be issued to residents of the dormitory. Domestic students will be assisted to return to their homes to implement home quarantine for 14 days; foreign students will be assigned to quarantine wards where they have to stay for 14 days
  3. General regulations::
    • The dormitory management center intensified clean-up and disinfection measures. Alcohol for disinfection is provided at the entrance and exit of the first floor.
    • Following general epidemic prevention standards, the dormitory management will provide forehead thermometers to encourage residents to take their body temperature; If second stage epidemic prevention standards are implemented, all students must take mandatory temperature measurement when entering or leaving the dormitory.
    • Information materials on "Prevention of new coronavirus protection measures" are placed at the entrance of the student dormitory.
    • NTUST established communication channels and keeps a list of students with history of travel/ residence in China, Hong Kong and Macau.
    • For those under quarantine, strict isolation has to be observed for 14 days; Students who are self-monitoring their health, can go out, but must report their movements to dormitory management. NTUST takes quarantine measures seriously, and keeps in touch with parents and departments.


Eight Do's:

  1. Take your temperature: It is recommended to take your temperature at least once a day.
  2. Report: If the temperature continues to exceed 37.5 degrees, if you have a cough, please inform the health care team and seek medical treatment.
  3. Always wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer: Wash your hands before and after meals, after going to the toilet, entering and leaving homes, classrooms, and taking public transportation.
  4. Wear a mask: Wear it when you are in a crowded public space or if you are coughing or sneezing.
  5. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Classrooms, dormitory bedrooms, and the surrounding environment are often disinfected and cleaned.
  6. Go to bed early: Maintain a normal daily routine. Anxiety, nervousness, and tiredness will suppress the body's immune function
  7. Exercise: Exercising reduces psychological stress, improves cardiopulmonary function and boosts the immune system
  8. Open doors and windows: Enclosed areas should be ventilated periodically to to let some fresh air in.


Eight Don'ts:

  1. Do not travel: It is best to reduce outings, especially to crowded places.。
  2. Do not visit medical facilities when you discover symptoms: Express your concern by phone or text message.
  3. Avoid gatherings: Avoid crowded places and do not participate in large-scale events, such as KTV, restaurants, department stores, etc.
  4. Do not shake hands: Greet with arched hands.
  5. Do not share food with others, do not talk when dining, and do not share bathroom equipment.
  6. Ignore rumors: Please pay attention to the epidemic information by official sources, do not read or spread unfounded information. Rumors cause unnecessary.
  7. Don't lose your compassion: If your classmates have cough, fever, or feels discomfort, please admonish them to wear a mask and take temperature.
  8. Don't let your family worry: Keep in touch with your family at all times. If you need to participate in activities, you should get your family's consent.
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