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Measures regarding hygiene in on-campus cafeterias and restaurants


  1. Food stall operators are requested to report if any of their staff has recently traveled to Hong Kong, Macao or mainland China. Staff with a travel history to the affected area has to stay at home for two weeks. The food stall operator has to provide a list to the cafeteria management to follow up.
  2. All food stalls are requested to report if any employee has recently shown suspicious symptoms such as a cold, fever, dry cough, or breathing difficulties. In that case, employees shall not be asked to work to prevent secondary infections. The employee should stay at home and seek medical attention.
  3. Employees of all food stall operators have to take daily temperature measurements.
  4. Frontline counter staff must wear surgical face masks and disinfect their hands with alcohol
  5. All food stall counters have to prepare bleach and alcohol for disinfection, and counters will be disinfected with alcohol on a non-regular basis.
  6. The cafeteria management will wipe tables with alcohol during breaks hours
  7. Disinfectant alcohol will be offered for teachers and students at entrance and exits of all dining facilities.
  8. The staff restaurant on the first floor will keep doors and windows open, and the cafeterias in the basement will keep the entrance door open to ensure proper ventilation.
  9. During peak business hours at noon, cafeteria management personnel will assist in taking forehead temperature of staff and students. If you have a cold, fever, dry cough, or breathing difficulties, you will be advised not to enter the dining facilities.
  10. At the cafeteria entrance and exit epidemic prevention information and announcements will be posted:
    • Any person who enters or leaves the dining facility must wear surgical face masks and disinfect their hands with alcohol.
    • Food stall counters are cleaned with alcohol during break times.
    • NTUST staff and students are encouraged to bring their own environmentally friendly tableware during the epidemic
    • Avoid talking during the meals, leave the restaurant as soon as possible after the meal
  11. The tongs used at the self-service buffet will be washed and disinfected with boiling water before they can be reused
  12. When picking food at the self-service buffet, you should wear a surgical face mask and refrain from talking to avoid droplets. People who don't wear masks might be advised to do so


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