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[Oct 29.] Updated Information: New Epidemic Prevention Measures from Nov 2.

As domestic epidemic situation has stabilized, new epidemic prevention measures will come into force from 2 Nov: 
1.  The limitation on the number of people in physical classes is cancelled. Professors should announce the course syllabus/ criteria/ arrangement on Moodle or related platform and offer online courses for overseas students. All people should wear masks and sanitize hands during classes. Food is prohibited.
2.  The limitation on the number of people in gymnasium is cancelled during indoor sports and masks are not required to be worn. However, masks should always be brought to be used when needed. If you have sick symptoms and cannot maintain social distance, mask-wearing is still obligatory.
3.  The limitation on the number of people in the library is cancelled. All seats are available.
4.  The hall and study room in the dormitory is available. The opening hours of the kitchen in the 1st dormitory shall be announced by the office of student affairs.
5.  The campus policies will be adjusted in accordance with the epidemic situation and relevant policies announced by the government.

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