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A Letter to Taiwan Tech Students and Staff

Dear Taiwan Tech students and staff,
Best wishes form the Office of International Affairs!
Like all institutions, Taiwan Tech has been closely monitoring and responding to the unprecedented situation caused by the spread of COVID-19. While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at our campus, Taiwan Tech will be taking the following measures to help slowing the spread of the virus. We want to make sure that students can continue with their studies, whilst also protecting the health and wellbeing of Taiwan Tech students and staff. 
Student and staff travel restrictions (work or study related):
  1. Starting from March 19, 2020, entry of all foreign nationals will not be allowed unless documents of granted entry are provided. Returnees from abroad will be subject to a 14-day period of home quarantine after entering Taiwan. 
  2. During the 14-day-home-quarantine, you MUST NOT enter Taiwan Tech campus. 
  3. Taiwan Tech faculty and students are required to carefully evaluate the necessity of travelling overseas. If overseas travel cannot be avoided, the following precautions must be taken:
  • Taiwan Tech faculty: Please enter the electronic NTUST Attendance Management System (差勤系統) and fill out "Application Form for Overseas Travel (出國申請單)
  • Taiwan Tech students: Please come to the Office of International Affairs to apply for Leave of Absence 


International travel (private):

  1. International students who do not hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) are strongly advised not to go abroad as you will denied entry to Taiwan and thus not able to continue your studies. 
  2. Students who entered Taiwan on a visa free scheme, and are likely to have overstay issues, please click the link for more information: https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-149-4486-7785a-2.html


Courses and studies: 
As there is a high risk of contagion in densely packed classrooms, all classes with more than hundred students will be transitioned to distance education as soon as possible. Instructors can adjust teaching methods and courses schedules if necessary. 
On-campus events and activities:
Given the increasing concern about the spread of COVID-19 in the community, we are now asking staff to cancel or defer any event until further notice. If you are part of a student club or society, sporting club or other group that hosts events, we strongly recommend that you cancel or defer on-campus activities or gatherings for the time being. We anticipate that on-campus activities can only be resumed by the fall semester starting in early September. We will review this position at the beginning of the fall semester, and keep you informed.
Campus life:
  1. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person, especially between people who are in close contact with one another. That is why staff and students should not talk in the canteen and in elevators. The university has installed transparent plastic boards on the canteen dining tables to create a safe dining area. Please do not move the boards away. Any tampering with these boards or other protective equipment will be regarded as a violation of the university regulations and will be penalized. 
  2. Your body temperature will be measured when you enter campus gates, so please: Take your hat off; Walk with your bike; Line up, do not rush!
  3. Wash your hands frequently.
Surveys and questionnaires: 
We understand that our international students have already received thousands of emails requesting to fill out all kinds of surveys and questionnaires. We are here to ask for your understanding that we are doing this is because we have to follow the prevention measures taken by the Taiwan Government and the Ministry of Education. More accurate information is beneficial for everybody, so please comply. We would like to ask for your cooperation to complete yet another survey. This is a new one and your reply can help! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkkPy3VbdrCjAwgZZ7qnPheb6TKtCOBGpE9T8DUqGq_aE1KQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Please continue to look after yourselves, and one another in these challenging times. We ask our students, staff and community to take some time to take good care of yourself and of your loved ones. Be smart, be safe, and most importantly be kind.
We will get through this together!
For more information please check Taiwan Tech Epidemic Prevention Measure https://anti-epidemic.ntust.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en
Office of International Affairs
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