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Epidemic Prevention Measures 23 February 2021

  1. In the summer semester of 2021 international students are expected to arrive in Taiwan from the end of March to mid-April. After a 14-day quarantine period and a 7-day health self-management period, students will be able to enter the Taiwan Tech campus between mid-April and mid-May. The current course selection statistics of students who have not yet arrived are shown in Annex 1. To safeguard the rights and interests of these students, all teaching departments are requested to provide remote teaching.
  2. The first student symposium of this semester is expected to be held on Thursday, 18 March 2021 on IB101. Epidemic prevention measures are as follows:
  • Real-name admission at the entrance: Participants must scan the QR code with their mobile phones to log into the conference sign-in system; the body temperature will be taken.
  • Wearing masks is obligatory, every second seat must be kept free. 35 faculty members (including supervisors and colleagues) and 85 students are estimated to attend.
  • Meals are not allowed on-site. Lunch boxes should be consumed outside after the meeting.

  1. Faculty and staff who arrive from abroad had to undergo self-health management for 7 days after the 14-day quarantine period, and have to apply for sick leave during that period. They are required to work from home, and may only enter the campus if they test negative after the home quarantine period.
  2. Members of faculty or staff who have to go abroad on university business or new postdoctoral researchers joining Taiwan tech may apply for reimbursement for the cost of the test, including the medical registration fee, through the university budget. For any other self-health management needs, applications can be made and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Leave of absence will be handled according to the relevant regulations.
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