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【Updated】Regarding the participation of our faculty and students in religious events at the Taipei Mosque on April 16


Regarding the participation of our faculty and students in religious events at the Taipei Mosque on April 16, the Taiwan Tech Epidemic Prevention team held meetings on  April 23, April 24,  and today. 

As inaccurate comments have been spreading on social media, we wish to alleviate concerns within the Taiwan Tech community and to prevent any risk of COVID-19 infections on campus. It was therefore decided that all departments of Taiwan Tech should fully switch to remote teaching from 27 April 2021 to 3 May 2021. On-site teaching will resume on 4 May 2021. 

The following is a summary of all measures that Taiwan Tech departments were/are asked to implement. In addition to posting them on the TaiwanTech home page and sending them by bulk mail, we would also like to request the assistance of the Office of Academic Affairs in sending out SMS messages.

  1. On 23 April, the International Office found that 65 staff and students had attended the Taipei Mosque on 16 April. On the same day, we informed those staff/students to practice self-health management until 30 April and not to enter the campus. Students living in the dormitory were accommodated in separate rooms, and are not allowed to leave the premises until 30 April. (It was decided in today’s meeting that the period self-health management will be extended to 2 May)
  2. On 24 April, the Taiwan Tech Epidemic Prevention team had immediately posted the above information on the Taiwan Tech home page (on the Epidemic Prevention Zone). Furthermore, all staff and students had been informed by bulk mail on the same day.
  3. With epidemic prevention measures being in place, classrooms are routinely cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. On 25 April, the General Office conducted an additional school-wide disinfection exercise, replenishing alcohol and hand sanitizer in all areas of the campus. On 26 April, the Student Affairs Office and the PE Office completed the disinfection of the dormitories and the PE environment and equipment respectively.
  4. Due to the spread of inaccurate comments in social media, all departments will switch to distance learning from April 27 - May 3 to alleviate the concerns and to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 on campus. On-site physical classes will resume on 4 May 2021. 
  5. School sporting events and other gatherings should be suspended if possible; if they are held, strict epidemic prevention measures must be applied.
  6. The annual Student Entry Exams (四技統測) will be held on campus on 30 April, 1 May, and 2 May. Before and after the exams, school-wide disinfections will be carried out, and the Student Affairs Office and the PE Office will be asked to disinfect student dormitories and the sports hall. 
  7. During the annual Student Entry Exams (四技統測) period, from the evening of April 20 - May 2, International Building and the AAEON- Building will be adjusted to single entrances. Furthermore, access to campus will only be possible through the Taiwan Tech main gate on Keelung Road on May 1 and May 2. Anybody who wishes to enter the Taiwan Tech campus via the main gate or via the vehicle entrances of the International Building and the AAEON- Building, will have their temperature taken and will need a permit to enter the building. In order to reduce crowds and to safeguard the smooth operation of the exams, we ask Taiwan Tech staff and students to refrain from entering the campus unless necessary on those days. The Academic Affairs Office is asked to inform all staff and students about these control measures. 

The Taiwan Tech Computer Centre was asked to assist in collecting relevant information and setting up an SMS notification system to inform Taiwan Tech staff and students immediately of any emergency,

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