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From May 15- May 28, Taipei and New Taipei Has Been Upgraded to Three-level Epidemic Prevention. The Latest Epidemic Prevention Measures of Taiwan Tech as Follows.

In response to the announcement of the Central Epidemic Command Center: From May 15- May 28 Taipei and New Taipei has been upgraded to three-level epidemic prevention. The latest epidemic prevention of Taiwan Tech as follows, please follow instructions:
1. Strengthen access control, continue to implement temperature measurement and contact-based registration system, except for the staff and students, it’s forbidden for people who are not with business mission.
2. All courses are changed to online mode. A maximum of 5 people can use the laboratory at the same time.
3. All local students living in the dormitory are suggested to return home as soon as possible. If you couldn’t and need to stay in the dormitory, please avoid talking and always wear a mask in the dormitory. In addition, the dormitory study room is limited to students living in.
4. All meals from restaurants are changed to be take-out.
5. All activities should be postponed or canceled if not to be changed to online mode.
6. Students clubs, the gym, sport venues and the library will be closed. The library only provides to borrow and return books.
7. Clinic fundamental nursing and health education service are provided as usual. Psychological counseling is provided but will be changed to online mode or telephone counseling depending on the situation of pandemic.
8. All units of Taiwan Tech will be adjusted to work in groups in different places or from home. For more details, please check the websites of each offices.

The epidemic is severe, and the policy will be adjusted at any time in accordance with the announcement of the central government. All staff and students are requested to follow various epidemic prevention measures.

Please avoid crowded places and wear a mask at all times in places with a high risk of infection transmission. Failure to comply with the rules and advice will result in penalties.

Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep a social distance, and watch yourself for symptoms like fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, and abnormal smell and taste.

If you show any symptoms, please seek medical attention at the nearest community hospital as soon as possible. Please wear a mask and do not use public transport.

When seeking medical attention, you should provide detailed information on your direct contacts, travel history, exposure at work, and whether there were people with similar symptoms in your surroundings; Please also wear a medical mask on your way home and stay at home as long your test results are pending.

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