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The Updated Policy of Epidemic Prevention Measures

  1. Please avoid getting into the crowded place and always wearing a mask to pretect yourselves.
  2. Anyone who enters the campus would be measured the body temperature and should scan with valid ID cards, scan QR Code, or with vaild documents. The Available Entrances and Exits of Campus as follows: Taiwan Tech front gate,1st Students Dormitory Hallway, International Building Automobile Gateway, TR Building Automobile Gateway, and 1st Students Dormitory Automobile Gateway. All building starts the access control from 7 PM on a weekday and 24 H on weekend. During the period of closure on the 1st student dormitory back gate, the staff and students could enter with valid ID cards from TBTC. Anyone who enters the campus should follow our policy of epidemic prevention.
  3. You can eat in campus cafeteria and please follow the rules: DO NOT talk while eating and DO NOT sit on the seat with X. If you would like to have meals outdoors, please follow the above rules.
  4. The graduation ceremony will be conducted online and our Office of Student Affairs will plan for the details.
  5. The University Library may offer extra flexibility on  book returning policy. Further details please refer to the Library website at https://library.ntust.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en
  6. Academic issues (All courses, Final Exam, Thesis Defense Examination and Graduation or leaving procedure etc.), please refer to the website of Office of Academic Affairs : https://www.academic.ntust.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en
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