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Covid 19 case on Taiwan Tech Campus

Dear Taiwan Tech students, staff, and faculty,

The nationwide level 3 epidemic alert has been issued for more than a week, and the number of confirmed cases has increased rapidly. On May 27th, health authorities reported one of our students as a confirmed. Although residing in an on-campus dormitory, the student has actually lived off-campus most of the time since the outbreak.

Taiwan Tech is now assisting the health authorities in the epidemiological investigation to identify individuals who had been in contact with the case and will help to organize isolation procedures. Furthermore, the dormitory and the whole campus will be thoroughly disinfected today (5/28). We assure you that we will take the most prudent measures to respond to this situation and safeguard the health of the Taiwan Tech community.

Please monitor your health, wear masks, and wash your hands frequently, especially after touching objects in public areas like elevator buttons or door handles. At this stage of the epidemic, any mobility should be reduced as much as possible. Taiwan Tech has already completely switched to online instruction, and faculty and students are asked not to come to the campus to minimize human contact, thus preventing the spread of the epidemic.

As the epidemic situation is changing rapidly, it is essential to obtain accurate information on epidemic prevention measures from official sources and through Taiwan Tech announcements. Please follow all epidemic prevention regulations that are issued by the health authorities and by Taiwan Tech. If you have any health conditions or questions, please do not panic. Contact the health authorities, and follow respective instructions and arrangements.

Please be patient and cooperative to protect the Taiwan Tech community. Through everyone's efforts, we can keep our campus safe. Let’s work together and fight the epidemic so that Taiwan can get through this crisis faster. 

Taiwan Tech will continue implementing a wide range of epidemic prevention measures, including remote teaching, home office, and off-site office, campus access control, and disinfection. If you are experiencing anxieties or fears, please resort to consultation and counseling services that are offered.

All Taiwan Tech students, staff, and faculty: Please maintain a positive attitude in the fight against the epidemic! Let’s work together and get through this period safely.


Taiwan Tech President Jia-yush Yen


Photo of campus disinfected

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