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Enforced Campus Access Control Starting April 20th


In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, as of April 20th, the Taiwan Tech campus will strengthen access control measures and only be accessible to NTU system (i.e., Taiwan Tech, NTU & NTNU) staff and students with a valid I.D. card.


Please note that the period of April 20th until April 26th shall be a trial period to test the efficacy of these procedures, with the formal execution of these policies on April 27th.

We expect your full compliance with these procedures and ask for your understanding during this time period.

This means you MUST present your valid I.D. card to enter campus on ALL occasions.

Visitors for official university affairs should display supporting documents (paper or digital) documenting the purpose of their visit.

Valid I.D.s and supporting documents include:

  1. NTU System student/faculty/staff ID cards or Taiwan Tech Alumni I.D.
  2. A completed NTUST Temporary Access Card Application Form (contact the General Service Division for this)
  3. A completed Visitor Pass or Work Pass (contact relevant offices for this)
  4. Other supporting documents (refer to the attached document: Q&A During the Pandemic Prevention Period)


Visitors failing to produce and display the aforementioned supporting documents will only be permitted to enter campus if they: (1) sign in to the "Epidemic Prevention Sign-in System" by scanning the respective QR–Code via personal mobile phone, and (2) contact the receiving office to verify the visitor’s identity with the access control staff.


I.D. card based entry controls:

Access control points

Temperature Checking Hours

ID-checking Hours

Week days


Week days


NTUST front gate


Not available

24 hours

Back entrance
next to TBTC


Gate opens between



International Building Automobile Gateway


24 hours

Checked by security guards on duty until April 30th

Checked by car identity system from May 1st onwards

TR Building
Automobile Gateway



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